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The agency

The agency:

Design With Purpose is an agency of design and interior architecture. Strong by the technical and artistic mastery of the construction trades, DWP accompanies you throughout your project: from the study to the establishment, till the final delivery of the building site. A team of interior architects, designers, colorists and engineers place all their know-how and expertise at your disposalto make your projects a success.

Architecture d'intérieur

Interior architecture

A story of talent, creation and combinations of coherent materials that make sense, make emotion, please and seduce. Consistency does not mean boredom, standardization. It is therefore vital to manage surprise and interest according to the many signs, in all their dimensions. An interior space is built and is distinguished also by a scrupulous management of its furniture and by giving the users the necessary tools.

Design object

DWP multiplies innovation opportunities by drawing on its clients' know-how and deep-rooted values that animate them. Our agency advises you and guides you in the choice of trends, materials, to use and the image to reveal so that your products, objects, packaging, find all their effectiveness.

Design d'objet
Charte de couleurs

Color Chart

The color gives form, shapeless, stimulates, color makes sense ... DWP thinks color for urban projects; architectural; design of ranges of paints and materials; design of objects, packs and visual identity.
We put our expertise of color at the service of the aesthetic quality for your interior spaces by creating charters of colors and materials. Our unique, sensitive and creative approach combines study of trends and harmony of materials for your spaces and your brands.


Our complete design service is able to offer you a personalized interior design in addition to a signage in harmony with the concept developed.
Good signage will catch the eye and properly direct the users in the establishment while revitalizing the most ordinary spaces.
The realized design will take into account the surrounding architectural elements for maximum and efficient integration.
Signage design is an effective way to express your brand image in your architectural environment.

Brand Design

Brand Design

Because branding is a broad vision that must animate the entire brand experience, from the naming to brand management, the DWP agency imagines concepts able to live and express themselves in the long term.
It is the role of strategic planning of the agency: to build a brand positioning able to answer key insights while anticipating societal changes and tomorrow's Marketing .


Our landscape agency experience allows us to offer a range of services from the creation of large scale strategic plans for urban extensions to detailed planting plans.
Our landscape architects create landscapes and plan, design and manage open spaces, including natural and built environments.
Their work provides innovative and aesthetically pleasing environments, while ensuring the appropriateness, the sensitivity and the sustainability of changes in the environment.


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