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Africa Business School

It is a major challenge that the Africa Busniess School has taken up, in collaboration with the most influential industrial actors all over the world, to face capital challenges.

As a partner of this challenge, DWP is committed to architecturally translate the entire program, and to guarantee a quality of design and implementation of the same caliber as the vision and expectations of the client.

A careful study gives birth to a concept whitch turned to a minimalist modernism, favoring a correlation between natural materials and high tech, and guaranteeing a clever use of the places.

The architectural volumes geometrically refined allow the wall materials to decorate the premises and offer a sober and serene background to the furniture, which spice up the general atmosphere. The floor and ceiling coverings intervene in the acoustics, which will often be solicited to ensure optimal absorption.

The light is added to live and adorn the space, creating a guide to reading places, which directs, beautifies, and accompanies users.

Because learning is a real exchange, we have favored meeting and collaboration points, equipping them with smart furniture and resistant to high traffic.

The result reflects a futuristic vision that forms an innovative tandem capable to engender tomorrow makers.



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