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``Located in southern Morocco, which, known for its dry climate, has inspired over time the dream of the oasis in the middle of nowhere. The Cafeteria Project which, far from being a mirage, is part of the architectural program of the green city of Benguerir and concretizes a contemporary version of this haven of freshness and prosperity.

Our creatives have developed in a very cozy spirit, a concept that symbolizes a brackets in space-time. This vision was accentuated by a choice of materials defined according to the desired atmosphere, and furniture which, in the same wavelength forms a platform for meeting, exchanging, reflecting and search, or just a moment of sensory and relaxing pleasure.

The hexagonal print was the stamp of identity that our team of designers gave to this space, and that we find encrusted on the floor and the wall, but also on the acoustic panels, without failing to remind it on the furniture and luminaire by shapes in the same geometric register.

And it is because an oasis never lacks greenery, we thought to vivify the space by an internal garden which, in addition to adding a jovial touch instead, gives life by its greenery and complements the ochre and warm atmospheres imposed by spatial colorimetry.

At DWP, we believe in the right idea that can come at any time, and following this consideration, the Cafeteria project was thought through in every detail to accompany the creative process in the most intelligent and aesthetic way.``



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