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Digital Factory

The DIGITAL FACTORY is designed and inspired by the american neo-brutalist industrial spirit, which uses the concept of a revisited brownfield. Indeed, the objective is creating a harmonious atmosphere between equipment and high-tech texture; geometry, technical and industrial surface treatment.

Digital analog transition tools offer, moreover, smart solutions to collaborate in one form and digitize the result under another.

The architecture of the space and its use follows the avant-garde vision of the building owner, who promotes a horizontal relationship between the different co-workers. That's to democratize the information, feed the grey matter of each collaborator and increase the quality and productivity of the site.
Although it is an open space, the Digital Factory offers sensorial isolation spaces, for the reflection, relaxation or for informal meetings.

Other spaces, that connect contributors in groups, are multidisciplinary, and are equipped with state-of-art technology in terms of digitization and sharing of content created.

The flexible and modular information technologies allow a fluid exchange and accompany the vision of the project owner: proactive, independent and moving.

The colorimetry we find on the furniture and in the flooring, decorate and customize the global space, without isolating it or limiting the opening and the exchange between the regions. The color code also allows the entourage easy reading and adds a jovial and fresh dimension to the concept of teamwork.



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