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``The LYDEX stands in the middle of a specific geocultural context, so our reflection had to respond to specific issues: a landscape insertion and the creation of an indoor educational framework that was up to the challenge.

In front, the building is a contemporary reincarnation of the typical architecture of the south of Morocco, by it's perforations that create a pattern of shade and light also by its shapes which revisit ancestral knowledge embellished with a design that blends in the landscape of the places .

Composed of educational space and other more convivial spaces, our vision was also to promote interpersonal exchange, and the transmission of knowledge in all its forms.

The choice of equipment and furniture has therefore followed this approach while seeking through our partnerships, to equip the latest technologies and adopt new approaches in the education sector.

The selected palette of material adapts itself to a rought outside climate, and offers sensory comfort that facilitate the process of transmission of knowledge, and confirms the plural identity of the places.

The light management was an essential parameter which, besides giving life to the volume, contributes in a major way to reducing the energy consumption of the building, raising it to the rank of the eco-responsible constructions and integrates it fluidly into the ecosystem of the Green City of Benguerir.

The LYDEX is a project that DWP proudly counts among its references because, by its direct impact on the preservation and development of human and natural resources, DWP contribute to build from today the better world of tomorrow.``



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