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Medical practice

``A doctor's office is a working tool for the doctor and a showcase for the patient. Our architectural approach lies in that vision, which by its form and function, aims to provide a favorable working space for the doctor and a pleasant and reassuring health environment for the patient.

The distribution of the internal program combines open and private work spaces that are interlinked and ensure a smooth passage. The architectural language is minimalist to create a space where comfort and feeling of well-being are put forward.

The decorating of the waiting room of the medical office has a direct influence on the patient. And it is for this reason that we wanted to offer a new design experience in a comfortable waiting room to allow the patient to manage as pleasantly as possible the time that separates him from his consultation. As a result, the waiting room at the medical office has become a real welcoming place to reduce the patient's anxiety and help him manage his time. ``



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