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Patio Conference room

``A break in time and an absence in the material, conceptual visions, that were our main foundations, in the development of the Patio project, which is intended as a breathing area, for the users as for the architecture itself.

Being the heart of a conferentiel continuum, the space was designed to encourage exchange and interpersonal communication, while preserving a space that allows each personal sphere to bloom and maintain an individual comfort zone or share it fluently.

Our creative cell has used the elements of nature to fill the geometry of life, such as the water that intervenes in the form of horizontal and vertical fountain, which symbolize a youth regenerating the energy of places.

Also the area and which, thanks to the opening on the sky, emancipates, exalts, and removes any limit to the soul.

As for the earth, it symbolizes fertility and gives life to vegetation that, combined with organic materials, offers a vibrant visual animation creating areas of inking and shading.

Fire, on the other hand, contrasts and injects additional energy impulses, thus completing the fourth element of the forces of nature and thus creating the balance between the four founding pillars of life.

DWP, through this vision, has been able to build a shelter in the space-time, which in a thoughtful architectural framework, favors a spiritual connectivity, interhuman, or with the elements of nature, promoting the sharing and serenity, and representing a well-deserved recreation for great minds``


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