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Pergola Club

``A break in space-time, a quickmoment in the flow of contemporary life. Who does not need it?

A need that is increasing day by day and which we have often led to satisfy, adequately, for each case.

In the Pergola Club project, we appealed to the lightness of the minimalist style which, by its detail drawing and perfect volumes, adorns the space of a serene and horizontal design in the same lines as the surrounding landscape. The colorimetry was inspired by the organic architecture which, by natural colors, drowns geometry in its surroundings and integrates it with it in all harmony. In order to give an identity stamp, we have stylized the famous Moorish pattern to make an openwork and a subtle print.

And once all these parameters have been mastered, our technical knowledge comes to realize our intentions and our visions, taking into account the constraints imposed by the ground and the exposure to climatic events and bad weather, as well as the evolution in space and time.

We were able to give our customers a haven of peace and a platform for creating moments of collective and lasting happiness.``


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