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Somfy Showroom

``It's a challenge that only those who are passionate about challenges can face, that is to create the joy of a customer who makes the creation of joy his philosophy.

This almost utopian vision took on a real shape when Somfy, world leader in the automation of openings and closures, used our expertise which, according to a well-defined architectural charter, deployed all its human and technical resources, in order to develop a coherent concept which, by its minimalism and its purity, reflects the image of the technological progress by which our customer stands out.

On simple but imposing volumes, comes the light that dresses the geometry of places with a tint of futurism, and gives life to the bright colors that animate the places, but also serve as a landmark to read the space, and highlighting the exhibits.

The central volumetric island, remains light in spite of its imposance, and creates by its shape and that of the false ceiling, a path which spreads out over the whole Display wall and which raises in front of the customer, a vertical pallet carefully composed, to facilitate reading on one hand and on the other hand, allowing the customer to experience the products and their uses in real time.

The facade, and especially the main one, subtly combine the brand image with the characteristic features of the architecture of Casablanca, so that it results in a striking, contemporary emblem that furnishes the townscape of Casablanca, thus bringing to light the jovial image of a creator of joy confirmed.``


Commercial Space & Showroom

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