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STFA Head office

``From day to day, the workplace is giving way to new forms of collaboration.

Whenever DWP approaches this architectural segment, we focus our resources and creative approach on innovation and adaptability to the specific visions and needs of each client.

The concept was based on essential considerations by reformulating the space in a flexible language and encouraging cohabitation and multidisciplinary work.

And because at DWP everything is there for a purpose, our design unit has focused on the harmonization of high tech architectural solutions with a light and subtle volumetry which as a whole aims at creating individual and collective workspaces, but especially junction sites that allow the two environments to merge; increase productivity and creativity; and develop a fertile professional vivarium.

The project management that was entrusted to us afterwards, and which affirms our customers trust, made it possible to translate in a tangible way our concepts, without waste of ideas and in the total respect of the standards and deadlines, and ultimately deliver a complete and satisfying end-product that aligns our customer to the forefront of collaborative work.``



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