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Work N Share

``Being aware that coworking has surpassed the ephemeral trend and is presented now as a concrete way of living and professional reality,, we have relied on a key considerationthat place the final user at the center of our reflection

That's why we have invested our expertise, our proven experience in the field, and our various international partnerships with the biggest players in the sector office furniture, to create a project allying forms and functions and promoting the exchange, flexibility, and interdisciplinary conviviality.

The distribution of the internal program combines, open and private work spaces that interlock and ensure a smooth transition, the architectural language is turn, is minimalist and combines simplicity and latest technologies to meet the diversity of tastes of future users. And in this same spirit, that furniture and coating come to ensure the respect of the durability and ergonomics standards on the one hand, and on the other hand to satisfy the aesthetic aspect which is intended to be sober and cheerful.``



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